Products and Services

Comprifix is a specialist manufacturer of extruded foam and aluminium products for the building,
construction, waterproofing, DIY and related industries.

Our versatility empowers us to deliver on orders of any size, large or small, in quality, on time and within budget.
Continual innovation has insured that our products and services are also cost competitive.

Our product portfolio includes:

Impregnated foam, the best seal for most types of applications including expansion joints; panel seals; acoustic seal and pipeline joints
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• Comprisealer and Polyclosures
Impregnated foam seal for mass housing projects and roof closures.

• Compri-sheet and Compriformer
Polyethylene close cell foam in different densities used as expansion joint formers, acoustic and insulation panels, available in various densities to  
suit your requirements.
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Backing cord for use as an effective bond breaker in expansion joints.
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Flexible pipe insulation available in a wide range of sizes, with or without a closing mechanism to suit your application.
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Duct insulation with a foil facing, can also be used in the automotive or boating industry.
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• Compri-strip and Shutterseal
Both open and close cell foams cut or diecut into various shapes or forms with or without adhesive to suit your needs.
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• Spanseal and Emseal
A range of aluminium cover strips and expansion joint movement plates to finish off your prestigious building.
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An extensive range of converting facilities including die cutting of both high and low volumes, laminating heat and adhesives to various substrates, slitting to any width, in all types of open and closed cell foams to strips or shapes of all sizes.

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